"People Not Property: Stories of Slavery in the Colonial North" is an interactive documentary that shares these stories of family and separation, work and community, negotiation, resistance, and perseverance.

The animated story of Joan and John Jackson, one of 20+ short-form videos depicting the lives of enslaved individuals, illustrates the difficult and painful choices faced by enslaved parents who tried to keep family members from being sold apart. Even freedom was no guarantee for enslaved families in the colonial North.
The interactive documentary uses original document scans from the stories as part of the background throughout the sequence.
Style Frames
Motion Test
Final Animation
Client: Historic Hudson Valley
Partner-in-charge: Maya Kopytman
Media Experience Producer: Leslie Dann
Technical Producer: Shuyler Nazareth
Direction and Design: Daniel Guillermo Rodriguez, Bruce Chao
Animation: Bruce Chao
Illustrator: Tamara Kopytman

Special thanks to the rest of the C&G Partners team!

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